We welcome Veterinary (DVM) and Veterinary Technician (RVT) students to learn with our team!

The following best summarizes Veterinary (DVM) student experiences, though Veterinary Technician experiences may share many of the same qualities.


  • Duration of 2-8 weeks any time of the year

  • Shorter externship opportunities available for Seniors, on request

  • Housing provided at no cost

  • Setting adjacent to Practice horse farm

  • State of the art medical equipment  

  • Full Stem Cell Therapy Lab

  • Cold Laser Therapy

  • No obligatory after-hour emergency work

  • Opportunity for observation at nearby 24-hour emergency clinic  

  • Emphasis on small animals  

  • Occasional opportunities to learn about farm and exotic medicine

  • Training and development of (to become a) high-level veterinarian

  • Work with multiple veterinarians with diverse approaches to medicine

  • Environment permitting education in practice management and ownership

  • 3-Location Practice featuring country, suburban, and urban settings and clientele

  • All Locations within 5-25 miles of Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana


A Rising City...

Come expand your medical experience with a 3-location practice just minutes from the 7th Most Underrated City for Millennials (Huffington Post), America’s #13 Favorite Food City (Food & Wine), the #3 Best Downtown City (Livability), 10th Best City for Young Professionals (Forbes),  #34 Best Places to Go [IN THE WORLD] (New York Times).

Additional accolades can be found here: https://www.visitindy.com/indianapolis-indy-accolades

St. Francis’ Pet Hospital has three locations all ranging from 5 to 25 miles from the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Each facility caters to a different demographic and boasts a unique ambiance - country, suburban, and urban. With a broad spectrum of clientele, our facilities can provide any aspiring vet with the experience, exposure, knowledge, and understanding necessary to respond to the needs of diverse client expectations and most anything that comes his/her way down the road ahead.  

Practice with a Purpose...

Our mission is to help people see the love and majesty of their Creator (whatever that may mean to them) by helping them experience the miracle and unconditional love of their pet to the fullest extent and the longest period of time.

To best experience and contribute to our team, we are searching for individuals who are:







Willing and Able

A Flexible Timeframe & Picturesque Lodging...

Externs will choose the length of visit (2,4,6, or 8 weeks) and will receive complimentary housing throughout the stay, which overlooks the horse pastures of the southernmost clinic.  

A Multi-Faceted Experience...

Each extern will be assigned to one supervising doctor; yet, externs can work with each of the other practice doctors if the college’s program permits. Regardless of the assigned supervising doctor, our environment will allow each student the opportunity to witness the differences in approach among various practitioners. With a diverse team of veterinarians and three distinct practice locations, our goal is to provide each extern with an array of medical cases, clientele, and medical approaches while continually subscribing to the underlying principles taught in veterinary school.  

State of the Art Technology...

Our team of veterinarians is equipped with: Digital X-Rays, Stem Cell Therapy Laboratory, Digital Dental X-Rays, CO2 Cutting Laser (the practice owner was the 2nd veterinarian in the world to receive certification), Electro Surgery Unit, Ultrasound, High-End Dental Equipment, Orthopedic Surgical Equipment, Cardiac and 02 Monitors, Cold Laser, and Abaxis Blood Analyzation Suite.

Hands on Experience...

Our strong relationship with the local animal shelter will provide externs the opportunity to work one half day each week at the shelter helping care for the medical needs of the animals.

In our practices, the student's responsibility will be to assist in taking the initial history of the patient and discuss a tentative diagnostic and treatment plan with the attending doctor.

Learning Practice Management...

Our privately owned practices will give students the unique opportunity to become familiar with the establishment and management of a private practice. By request, students may spend one-on-one time with Practice Manager or Owner reviewing the following topics:

  1. Debt Management

  2. Bootstrapping A New Business

  3. Defining Standard of Care

  4. Inventory Management

  5. Pet Insurance: Pros and Cons

  6. Starting Your Own Practice

  7. Buy Versus Build

  8. Family – The foundation of your professional purpose

  9. Creative Veterinary Medicine

  10. Staff Selection and Training

For more information, contact us at sfphcareers@gmail.com.